Deliverables list

The following Table presents the EMPhAtiC deliverables. The full text of public deliverables will become available as the project progresses.

Del. no.

Deliverable name

Delivery date

D1.0 Quarterly Management Report


D1.1 Website of the Project 1
D1.2 Evaluation of Progress Status of the project, issue 1 11
D1.3 Periodic Report 1 16
D1.4 Evaluation of Progress Status of the project, issue 2 23
D1.5 Final Project Report 30
D1.6 Periodic Report 2 30
D2.1 FB-MC and enhanced OFDM schemes 12
D2.2 Multimode, non-uniform filterbank 18
D2.3 Multicarrier and SC-FDMA Waveforms - Comparisons and Conclusions 24
D3.1 Training design and algorithms for channel estimation 15
D3.2 Adaptive Equalization and Successive self-Interference Cancellation
(SIC) methods
D3.3 Reduction of PAPR and Nonlinearities Effects 24
D4.1 MIMO Transmission and Reception Design Schemes 12
D4.2 MIMO Channel Estimation and Data Detection 18
D4.3 Transmit Beamforming and Antenna Processing at the Receiver 24
D5.1 Study of the advantages of FB-MC in RRM for PMR 12
D5.2 Novel Algorithms Description and Performance Evaluation for RRM in
Cell-based and ad-hoc PMR Network
D5.3 Cross-layer Optimization of RRM with Physical and Application Layers in PMR Networks. 28
D6.1 Cooperative Communications and Synchronization


D6.2 Coordinated Multipoint and Distributed Beamforming 28
D7.1 Evaluation of Relaying Strategies 18
D7.2 Resource Allocation and Energy Efficient Design 24
D8.1 Application of the Non-Uniform Filterbank for Spectrum Sensing in a CR 21
D8.2 Space-time Spectral Sensing, Algorithms and Software Description 28
D9.1 Definition and Specification of Hardware Demonstrator and Software
D9.2 Software Simulations and Experiments 24
D9.3 Hardware Platform 27
D9.4 Evaluation of the Implemented Communication System 30
D10.1.1 Plan for the Use and Dissemination of Foreground, Issue 1 4
D10.1.2 Plan for the Use and Dissemination of Foreground, Issue 2 16
D10.2.1 Standardization & Regulatory Plan, Issue 1 12
D10.2.2 Standardization & Regulatory Plan, Issue 2 23
D10.3.1 Winter/Summer School/ Workshop 14
D10.3.2 Winter/Summer School/ Workshop 30
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